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Bellahut would like to thank everyone for all the positive and informative reviews.  We are always glad to get feedback both good and bad on our products so we can keep improving our quality and most importantly keep our customers happy.  Thanks again everyone and as always please feel free to contact us with any questions you have at
Product Rating / Date / Review
Item # 234
Rating: 5 / Date: 7/16/2017  / I've tried other brands and thought I was using the better brands. Wrong. Compared to Bella Hut, they were like putting faucet water on my skin. I'm never going back. This is over and above any other brand I've ever used and I'm staying here for my HA serum. Will recommend Bella to anyone who asks. The results are amazing!
Item # 261
Rating: 5 / Date: 1/26/2017  / This serum is simply amazing! i used skin medica's tns essential serum for a few months and i lost the results that the bellahut collagen builder serum gave me. i started using it again and my results returned. all my sun spots are gone, my skin glows, is dewy and i don't have one wrinkle. i look 10 years younger than i did before! i highly recommend you use this serum with micro-needling for enhanced results. i <3 bellahut!!! it's a name you can definitely trust :) thank you so much, eric
Item # 175
Rating: 4 / Date: 10/14/2015  / I have been blessed with fair, oily, acne prone skin, unontrufately. You name it, I've tried it just about every product out there, which, in itself, is not so good for my skin. I just discovered Hyaluronic acid completely by accident. I am impressed!!! I've had this really bad breakout on the side of my neck since July, that would just not go away. Since I began using this product, they're healing and going away. YAY!!! I use it morning and night, and under my Hyaluronic moisturizer. My skin is soft, no longer oily and I have not have any new breakouts (even when my time of the month came). I am becoming a life long customer. I love this stuff. UPDATE: March 2011 Still using this and I am still in love with it. Word of caution though do not use on your lips. I did by accident when I was putting it on my face, and my lips peeled for three days. It wasn't pleasant.
Item # 276
Rating: 5 / Date: 8/27/2015  / I have bought from many different places and I never get services as good as I do when I order from Bellahut. They always have what I need in stock and the quality is always consistent. A lot of these vendors setup shop and are gone after the first season but I have been ordering from Bellahut for over 5 years now and they are always prompt with my order and quick to ship.
Item # 168
Rating: 5 / Date: 4/6/2015  / I have always liked the effects of Hyaluronic Acid and this product does not disappoint. After just one use I noticed my hands were no longer chapping or dry. If you want an incredible cream for a small price that works miracles you found it here. I use it about 3 times a week now and I am hooked. Great job Bellahut. Thanks.
Item # 283
Rating: 5 / Date: 11/15/2014  / This is an amazing, top shelf, high quality serum that I cannot say enough great things about. The fluid is dense yet feather-light upon application. Soaks into the skin but leaves a barely tingly feeling. I know it is making a difference in my skin care regimen as I have received compliments about how youthful I am looking these days--this since I began using Vitamin C along with other fabulous Bellahut products (the hyaluronic acid serum and incredible hyaluronic acid peptides cream moisturizer being my favorites: these three products are my trifecta go-to skin care products). The products from Bellahut far exceed anything I have ever purchased; ranging from unspeakably expensive top-of-the-line products in department stores to the lesser dollar amount but highly touted drug store varieties; nothing comes close to the quality and affordability of all products I have ever tried from Bellahut. My search is over: I am a stalwart Bellahut devotee for life!
Item # 181
Rating: 5 / Date: 8/24/2014  / I found the same results as the reviewer before me. I use it just before bed time and just within a few days use I found a huge reduction in dark circles and the bags under my eyes are much less apparent. The skin under my eyes are tighter and just overall my entire eye area feels great! I feel really great using products that work!
Item # 234
Rating: 5 / Date: 4/10/2014  / Absolutely THE BEST! I have used $800 (Sisley), $400 (LaMer) serums to name a few, but this one is absolutely the best. I now buy the gallon size which I share with my friend who is hooked on this product. Fantastic price for such a fantastic quality. Buy this size to try it, and you will end up purchasing the larger bottle later! I have been using this product for about 2-3 yrs now and stopped using LaMer, and switched all of my skin care products to Bellahut.
Item # 172
Rating: 5 / Date: 4/10/2014  / Everyone's skin is different with different needs. In my case, my skin was loosing elasticity and started to sag. This cream will be good for people who have similar problems. You can feel the difference with your skin as soon as you put this on. Within a week, I can visual see the result of my skin being firmer. I put it on my neck also and I can see the difference. I love this product, and I stopped using LaMer products and switched to this cream. It is wonderful!
Item # 426
Rating: 5 / Date: 4/10/2014  / After being given small bottle of HA from a friend to try, the results were amazing so I asked my friend what the price was, and it was over $300! So I went on the internet and found Bellahut. I purchased a small 1oz of HA to try and not only was it better quality and 100% (the other one was diluted), it was far far cheaper and better quality then any other company. I gave some to my friend, and she is hooked on Bella Hut's HA so now I purchase by the gallon and use it not only on my face but on my body. It is wonderful and I cannot express how grateful I am for Bellahut! I use to use La Mer products but I stopped now and switched everything (cream, serums, etc) all to Bella Hut products because the results are 1000 time better and the price is waaaay cheaper!!!
Item # 264
Rating: 5 / Date: 10/22/2013  / This stuff is amazing! Frankly, I can't and I won't live without it.I use this right after a peel, so that my skin can soak up all the benefits and it also calms my skin. I am a 58, soon to be a 59 year old woman who constantly gets comments on my skin! People who don't even know me say, "Your skin is so beautiful" I thank them and if it's a friend or someone who wants to know. I say, "I buy the highest quality skin care products for the same price you buy drug store creams that do not work! I only use Bella Hut's Products on my skin! Thank you Bella Hut for the EXCELLENT job you do on your magnificant products!
Item # 249
Rating: 4 / Date: 3/19/2013  / This product works fine if you can get it to come out of the dropper. I find it very difficult to get any product out of the bottle even when i tried taking the dropper out and turning the bottle upside down and tapping it in my hands. Impossible and doubt I will buy it again unless you change the packageing. Perhaps a tube that you could squeeze it out of.
Item # 234
Rating: 5 / Date: 11/30/2012  / WOW! That's all I can say, this has taken years off my eye area. Amazing!
Item # 234
Rating: 5 / Date: 10/1/2012  / I tried another brand and found that you get what you pay for. Unfortunatly the other brand was like water in a bottle. I'm sticking with Bellahut. Always consistant quality and great products !!!
Item # 276
Rating: 5 / Date: 9/11/2012  / I have tried many different brands of hyaluronic acid in my skincare clinic. Bella Hut's is the only one I use now. You can feel the difference.
Item # 181
Rating: 5 / Date: 8/15/2012  / This cream is really quite amazing. I find that using before bed and after just a few times of use I have seen really great results. Bags are almost gone, dark circles have been reduced a lot. Really great product, keep it up Bellahut!
Item # 221
Rating: 5 / Date: 8/15/2012  / I truly cannot live without this serum! I have tried...but I do not receive the compliments that I receive in abundance when using this product! I''ve been told that my "skin looks soft and dewy"! And at age 57, any compliments I can receive about my skin are awesome! Try this and you will not be sorry!
Item # 294
Rating: 5 / Date: 7/11/2012  / When you start using this product there no turning back. This is absolutly the ultimite benefit in term of results and price. I used it on my face, delicate enough to put arround my eyes, neck, chest and sometime on my hands/arms. With 16oz you have for one year even if you use it all over. Julie L. West Palm Beach, FL
Item # 168
Rating: 5 / Date: 1/4/2012  / Works great on my hands, no cream on the market comes close.
Item # 273
Rating: 5 / Date: 8/15/2011  / I had high hopes for these masks and they delivered. I use masks usually once or twice a week. The effects usually last @ 24 hours and have a soothing effect. After using this mask for just 20 minutes I was really surprised at how soft my skin felt. For 3 days after using this mask my face was so soft and really glowing. I don''t usually leave reviews but this product is quite the exception. Thanks Bellahut, Great product!
Item # 183
Rating: 5 / Date: 3/12/2011  / I absolutely love this firming serum -it does everything it says and more. Makes my skin look very firm and glowing. The serum looks especially good under my foundation and I have had lots of compliments on my skin asking what I use. Used to go for botox every 3 months I have not now been for 5 months and my skin looks as good and I am far richer in the pocket buying various products at Bellahut - then giving the money to my doctor... Thank you for your wonderful products I am hooked on them.
Item # 132
Rating: 5 / Date: 2/22/2011  / This is amazing. LOVE this product. I use many of the bella hut products and this is a top pick. Can''t say enough. Highly recommend.
Item # 170
Rating: 5 / Date: 2/22/2011  / Excellent. This is a keeper. My skin looks fresh and rested. I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it.
Item # 234
Rating: 5 / Date: 2/19/2011  / I was truly amazed at the results of this serum. I usually spend so much more and get less product and less results. Thanks Bellahut!
Item # 180
Rating: 5 / Date: 9/6/2010  / This is a great value set. First bought the serum on its own to try it was fabulous so decided to buy the set. Wow - I am totally hooked this are all so fantastic on my skin. I will not be buying the very expensive ones I used to these are far better and a fraction of the price. I cannot go without these products now. Keep up the good work.
Item # 170
Rating: 5 / Date: 9/6/2010  / This is the most fantastic serum I have used my skin looked fantastic from the very fist time and I have had lots of compliments. My skins glows and it certainly fills where you need it. My makeup looks even better with this then before. I would higly recommend it.
Item # 170
Rating: 5 / Date: 2/24/2010  / I was amazed at how well this formula works. My wrinkles were gone in just a couple of treatments and it's so easy to use and apply. I highly recommend it.
Item # 179
Rating: 5 / Date: 1/18/2010  / I cant believe there are no reviews. I was using a VERY expensive combination of products, one being the prototype 37c, for about 3 weeks before finding this site. I love this stuff!! In a week the results are better than 3 weeks of the pricey stuff. No kidding. I will never pay those ridiculous prices again. I am 42 yrs. spent most of my life in Texas and Florida where I worshiped the sun. I was so depressed about my dull and wrinkled skin. I am going to write back after about a month. I hope my review encourages you to try this. I'm a real female in Dacula GA, & hope that others find this golden little secret! Thanks for making and selling a great product without marking it up to absurd prices. You have my loyalty. Kim
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