Bellahut EGF UPPER LIP SERUM With EGF, Citrustem and Hilurlip

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/An EGF serum to help boost collagen and protect lips
/An EGF serum to help boost collagen and protect lips
/An EGF serum to help boost collagen and protect lips
/An EGF serum to help boost collagen and protect lips
EGF, Citrustem and Hilurlip
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Selected Size: 10 ml
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Best Used For:Smoothing and plumping lips
Key Ingredients:EGF, Citrustem and Hilurlip
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A quick and easy to use serum that helps to plump lips and gives the appearance of fuller and more defined lips. Using three ingredients including EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Citrustem and Hilurlip this serum provides dramatic results and in a short period of time. Focused to help with wrinkles in the perioral area this serum is effective, convenient and affordable.

Key Ingredients

EGF is a polypeptide that has come to the beauty market via the medical industry. EGF was developed to help speed wound recovery and does this by stimulating skin growth at a cellular level and is suspected to increase collagen levels too. In some cases EGF has had an effect on the reduction of the appearance of acne scars. 

Citrustem™ is made from orange stem cells and works by organizing the inner structure of the skin for a younger appearance. In facial formulations, it organizes and re-densifies the dermis structure, repairs the extracellular matrix, and improves cellular adhesion. The result is skin that recovers the elasticity it had nearly a decade ago with a softer and more velvety complexion plus a younger appearance.  Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in all multi-cellular organisms. In plants, stem cells are capable of regenerating the entire plant.  

Hilurlip™ consists of particles of Sodium Hyaluronate (collagen) which have been micronized to enhance penetration and efficacy. The micro particles of Hyaluronan swell when they come into contact with skin water, producing a long-term plumping effect on the lips.  HILURLIP™ contains Hyaluronic acid and powerful Tripeptide-1 GHK that can significantly plump ( line filling ) and boost collagen around the lip area. Tripeptide-1GHK also protects the lips against the harmful effects of sun exposure and prevents the loss of collagen elasticity and protects skin cells from photo damage.

After 30 days of treatment, HILURLIP proved to increase the lip volume by 18% while the placebo formulation produced no effect on the lips, also improves skin hydration only 1 hour after application, immediate moisture increase of 32%, it's so easy to have the healthy lips!



Application and Use

Apply a pea sized amount to the lips and gently massage until evenly distributed. 

This product is for external use only, not for injection or ingestion.


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Made in U.S.A.

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