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1000G $59.00
A unique combination of hyaluronic acid to nourish and firm the skin it also helps to reduce wrinkles and remove impurities. This mask is perfect for all skin types and mixes up easily and is ready to use in just minutes.  
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This is for 1000 g peel-off collagen anti-aging mask powder for face, neck area.  This is suitable for all skin types, use it twice a week for the best results. This product promotes skin metabolism and reduces wrinkles, will give you amazing results! Bellahut skin care line products are made in the USA with the professional ingredients. you will look for yourself with a smoother younger looking and more vibrant complexion.


This mask will produce best results if used two times a week.  Here's how to apply:


  1. For a face treatment, mix 15 grams of powder with 30~50 ml of distilled water at room temperature (about 20°C).
  2. Mix thoroughly for about a minute until a smooth uniform paste is obtained.
  3. Apply the mask to the previously cleansed skin immediately in a thin or thick layer, taking care to avoid the eye contour area.
  4. The mask dries after about 5 minutes.
  5. Leave the mask in place for at least 10 minutes, then peel off in a single movement to leave the skin without any trace.
  6. Store in a clean, dry place, away from light and moisture, at room temperature from 20 - 25°C



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