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Cant believe there are no reviews on this cream. I tried it thinking it was going to be just ok but wow! After the first day of using this on my hands and face I saw rough spots began to smooth out and my skin felt so much more smooth. After a few days my hands were super soft and felt great to the touch.

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Creams - Anti-Aging

   Best Used For : Cell repairing, cellular regeneration and reduction of eye bags.

Key Ingredients : EGF, Phytocelltec (Apple Stemcells), Regu-Age And Renovage

Size:2 oz. - Jar

Bellahut Price $29.95

Retail Price $59.95
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A ready to use stem cell treatment serum to help reduce wrinkles Anti Aging Serum with Matrixyl 3000 And Snap-8 that is a powerful anti aging serum for dull or diminished skin    

Reap the benefits of high performing ingredients that support anti-aging. This repairing cream features multiple peptides with Phytocelltec™, Regu™-Age, EGF and Renovage™ which encourage surface cellular repair and helps to reverse the visible signs of aging. Its Advanced repairing complex helps prevent water loss and leaves your skin more evenly balanced while transforming skin so it appears firmer, brighter, and more youthful looking.

Major Benefits

  • Delivers maximum repairing benefits of apple stem cells a.k.a. PhytoCellTec™
  • Repairs skin cells to help reverse the visible signs of aging
  • Improves skin cells condition and helps achieving more radiant skin
  • Free of mineral oil, alcohol, fragrance and parabens    


Key Ingredients

PhytoCellTec™ preserves the ability to form new epidermal tissue. Young and vital epidermal stem cells can form a complete, multi-layer epidermis in laboratory conditions. When this experiment is conducted on older stem cells, these no longer multiply and no epidermis is formed. These stem cells are depleted and have reached the end of their lifecycle. If Malus Domestica stem cell extract is added to "old" cultivated stem cells, the cells can still generate a stratified epidermis. Under the influence of Malus Domestica stem cell extract, the epidermal stem cells retain their vitality longer and are capable of forming new tissue and renewing the skin.

PhytoCellTec's Anti-Wrinkle Effect.
The anti-wrinkle effect of PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica was studied in a clinical trial with 20 subjects (aged 37 to 64). An emulsion with 2% PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica was applied to the crow's feet area over 28 days and the results showed a significant and visible reduction in wrinkles in 100% of the subjects.

Renovage™ is an anti-aging complex that helps to protect against aging by stabilization of telomere and DNA maintenance of cell division. Renovage™ helps with restoration of the skin's moisture balance and hydration as well as helps to reduce age spots. It also reduces pore size, helps to reduce sagging and thinning while reducing redness and inflammation as well. With all these qualities it has been referred to as the fountain of youth and is very effective in helping to protect against the skin showing signs of aging.  

Regu-age is a bioactive that protects the delicate skin around the eyes and visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles. Clinical studies have confrimed improvements in the skin texture of 30% with just four weeks of use. Regu-age has been specifically designed to reduce puffiness, eye bags and dark circles underneath the eyes.

EGF is a polypeptide that has come to the beauty market via the medical industry. EGF was developed to help speed wound recovery and does this by stimulating skin growth at a cellular level and is suspected to increase collagen levels too. In some cases EGF has had an effect on the reduction of the appearance of acne scars. 

Application and Usage

Step 1: (Optional) Cleanse skin with Bellahut's Soothing Facial Cleanser.

Step 2: (Optional) Apply any of Bellahut's targeted hyaluronic acid serums to any areas that need additional attention. When applying, gently massage into the skin until product is evenly distributed and wait until it is absorbed before applying cream.

Step 3: Apply cream in the morning, evening or morning and evening to dry clean skin. Apply the cream by massaging a dab gently into the skin until absorbed. 

For external use only.


Distributed by Bellahut California
Made in U.S.A.

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