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Serums - 70% HA w/ Peptides

   Best Used For : Increase firmness, elaticity and helps fight sun damaged skin.

Key Ingredients : With EGF, Citrustem™ And Lingostem™

Size:1 fl. oz. / 30 ml - Pump Bottle

Bellahut Price $23.95

Retail Price $47.95
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Part of our Intense Hydration series of skin care includes this Cellular Regrowth serum. Using plant derived stem cell peptides to achieve great results is it's secret.  In a 70% hyaluronic acid serum combined with Citrustem™ and Lingostem™ this becomes a highly effective agent against the aging process.  Citrustem™ has been shown to help with the organizing of the inner structure of the skin creating a younger appearance while Lingostem™ is a protector helping to shield your skin from UV and IR radiation. 


Key Ingredients

Citrustem™ is made from orange stem cells and works by organizing the inner structure of the skin for a younger appearance. In facial formulations, it organizes and re-densifies the dermis structure, repairs the extracellular matrix, and improves cellular adhesion. The result is skin that recovers the elasticity it had nearly a decade ago with a softer and more velvety complexion plus a younger appearance.  Stem cells are undifferentiated cells found in all multi-cellular organisms. In plants, stem cells are capable of regenerating the entire plant. 

EGF is a polypeptide that has come to the beauty market via the medical industry. EGF was developed to help speed wound recovery and does this by stimulating skin growth at a cellular level and is suspected to increase collagen levels too. In some cases EGF has had an effect on the reduction of the appearance of acne scars. 

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring acid found in the extracellular matrix of human tissue. Topically applied, hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis thus boosting the elasticity by affecting the collagen levels and increasing hydration of the skin.

The protective breathable barrier on the skin locks in moisture which gives the skin a youthful appearance.  The cuticular layer of the skin normally contains 10-20% water, however as we age it can drop to below 10%.  Hyaluronic acid comes to the rescue with its unique ability to hold more than 1000 ml of water per gram. This is a key factor in allowing the skin to retain more water.  Amazingly, hyaluronic acid adjusts its moisture absorption based on the relative humidity in the air.  Hyaluronic acid also protects the epidermis by scavenging reactive oxygen species generated by ultra violet light which would normally cause sunspots.  Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most exciting ingredients on the market today and was discovered in 1934 and has been used in personal care and wound healing ever since. Bellahut only uses hyaluronic acid derived from non-animal sources. 

LINGOSTEM™ is a natural active ingredient based on plant stem cells obtained from the lingonberry.  This peptide is designed to protect the skin against UV and IR radiation from the sun. Lingonberries are considered a super food and have benefits such as antioxidant as they contain both vitamin E and C respectively. Lingonberries are also high in compounds including anthocyanins and flavonoids. These compounds have been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

In tests 30 volunteers, between 30 and 60 years old. Active formula (1,5% lingostem™) on one half of the face and placebo on the other. Two daily applications, 56 days maximum sun exposure season. Measurements at D0 and D28.

Eye Contour Wrinkles Repairing Effect

32 volunteers, between 40 and 60 years old with photo-aged skin signs. Active formula (1,5% lingostem™) on one half of the face and a forearm, and placebo on the other part of the face and on the other forearm. Two daily applications, 28 days after maximum sun exposure season. Measurements at D0 and D28.

Clear improvement in skin density. SLEB improvement, the less black band, the better dermal matrix.



Glycerin, R.O.Water, Carbomer 940, L-Ascorbic Acid ( VitaminC ), Glyceryl Polyacrylate, Palmitoyl Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser ( oligopeptide ), Sodium Hyaluronate, Citrustem ( Orange Stem Cells ), Lingostem ( Lingonberry Stem Cells ), EGF ( Epidermal Grow Factors ), RPF, Diazolidnnyl Urea, Oil of Olea Europaea, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone 11, Silica, Cetyl Alcohol, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Extract, Helianthus Annuus ( Sunflower ) Seed oil, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide -3,  Dipeptide-2, Hydroxysuccinimide, Chrysin, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Whey Protein, Steareth-20, Stearic Acid, Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol. Note: This product is paraben free, fragrance free, sulfate free, has no artificial fragrance or dyes and is never tested on animals.

Application and Use

Step 1: Optional - (HA Toner) For best results make sure you have cleansed your face thoroughly before using the HA serum. To use the toner just spray on the area that needs to be treated and wait for it to dry or wipe with a clean cloth.

Step 2: Once you have cleansed the skin you can apply this Serum.  Apply a moderate amount and gently massage on to the skin until product is evenly distributed. Wait for the serum to be absorbed.

Step 3:  Optional - (Dual Lifting Cream) Before putting on the cream you must wait until the serum has absorbed into the skin. When you feel like your face has absorbed the serum then you can apply the cream. 

This product is for external use only, not for injection or ingestion.


Distributed by Bellahut California
Made in U.S.A.

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