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Peptides and Additives

   Best Used For : Hair damage prevention

Key Ingredients : ProCutiGen® Bond Concentrate

Size:1 fl. oz. / 30 ml

Bellahut Price $16.95

Retail Price $33.95
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Caution: Do not apply undiluted peptides or additives directly onto your skin.  This product should be added to a formulation at the recommended usage rate. You can use Bellahut's premium cream or gel as your base for your formulation.

ProCutiGen® Bond is an additive that you can add to your favorite shampoo or conditioner that prevents the chemical damage that breaks the protein bonds of your hair, making it porous, weakened and more prone to breakage. Rather than focusing on repairing broken bonds that occur during chemical stress, ProCutiGen® Bond consists of bivalent cationic peptides that create a de novo cuticle on the hair to prevent damage from happening in the first place.

Damage that occurs to hair during chemical processes is a result of the structural integrity of the cuticle being compromised. Bleaching, dying and relaxing the hair can strip moisture from the fiber, resulting in a cracked cuticle and consequently a rigid, brittle, and dry appearance. Hair needs a solid foundation to prevent damage, and the building block of hair is protein. Our hair is full of protein, which is necessary to strengthen and restore the hair fiber. Keratin makes up more than 90% of the hair follicle and is a source of strength and flexibility. ProCutiGen® Bond is a lipopeptide derived from chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) utilized for hair strength and protection. Chia’s rich source of protein can prime the hair cuticle with bivalent cationic peptides that create a de novo cuticle on the hair to prevent damage from happening in the first place.

A half head study was conducted to determine the comparison of a control shampoo vs. 2.0% ProCutiGen® Bond in the same base shampoo. Additionally, a comparison between the control conditioner and 2.0% ProCutiGen® Bond in the base conditioner were reported. Each volunteer’s hair was photographed prior to the treatment and again after the shampoo and conditioner had been applied and the hair was styled. The images of the half head study were used in conjunction with a sensory assessment subjectively rating the parameters - cleansing, smoothing, dry and wet combability, anti-frizz, overall feel, shine and hydration. This assessment was conducted both before and after treatment. Based on the results in Figures 4 through 7, ProCutiGen® Bond is capable of enhancing smoothing, wet and dry comparability, anti-frizz, overall feel, shine and hydration when used in a conditioner.

INCI: Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract

Usage Levels: 1.0% - 10.0%

Solubility: Water Soluble

Appearance: Clear to Slightly Hazy Liquid

Application and Usage

The suggested usage of this additive can be anywhere from 1% to 10%.  For maximum prevention of hair damage we suggest a concentration of 10% for best results. One ounce per every 10 ounces of shampoo, conditioner or gel.

1. Apply to cleansed hair.

2. Lightly massage for 3-5 minutes.

3. Leave in for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse. 

Blow dry hair with low temperatures.

This treatment is good for all hair types and should be use twice weekly for the first few weeks then reduced to once weekly. 


Distributed by Bellahut California

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