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Wrinkle Acne Reduce Serum - Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Copper Peptide GHK-Cu, B5 & Sea Kelp Bioferment
1.1 oz. Bottle, Sold Each. $27.00
This product is perfect for people with oil skin types and is also incredibly effective for normal and dry skin, with the anti-inflammatory properties, it can also greatly help improving the blemish and acne prone skin.  
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Bellahut Copper Peptide Hydrate Gel
(33 ml / 1.1 fl. oz. For day / night use )



    We would like to introduce one of our new products. Introducing the soothing copper peptide hydrating serum - BELLAHUT COPPER PEPTIDE HYDRATE SERUM with GHK-Cu, hyaluronic acid, sea kelp bioferment,  and silky vitamin B5 that provides hydration and replenishes antioxidant to the skin. The copper peptide promotes work against the damaging effects of free radicals and stimulated collagen production in the skin, vitamin B5 promotes tissue repair, creates high amounts of Coenzyme-A, increases metabolism of certain types of fats, tighten pores and controls the oil production, hyaluronic acid binds vital moisture to skin to feel supple and smooth, marine bioferment is an excellent oil-free moisturizer since it moisturizes without supplying extra oil.  This product is perfect for people with oil skin types and is also incredibly effective for normal and dry skin, with the anti-inflammatory properties, it can also greatly help improving the blemish and acne prone skin.
Many of our customers switched to our products after using expensive brands. They have found even better results with our quality products at an affordable price. We have been in business for nearly five years and our feedback and customer satisfaction speaks volumes. A lot of our wonderful customers already know about Copper peptide,  Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 ( Pantothenic Acid, Coenzyme-A ) contained in our serum but now we are excited to introduce one other important ingredient.


          You can trust the Bellahut skin care line. Made in the U.S.A. with the finest medical-grade ingredients in a professional environment.  Use it at bedtime and wake up with a smoother younger looking and more vibrant complexion. This product is COMPARABLE TO La Mer and Neova.

     THIS PRODUCT IS GUARANTEED TO GIVE GREAT RESULTS IN JUST A FEW DAYS OF USE.  Don't take our word on how this product performs, check our feedback, it's our best advertisment. 
   This product CAN be used with a Galvanic facial machine.
   For total eye care you can also use our Haloxyl or Eyeliss to enhance your results. Feel free to browse our ebay store and email us with questions. 
What is in Marine Bioferment?
Macrocystis pyrifera, the substrate in our bioferment, is a rich source of iodine, potassium and many essential minerals. It also contains organic chemicals like alginic acid, laminaran, laminitol, lutein, zeaxanthin, xanthophyll, violaxanthin, fucosterol, sulpholipids, inositol, phytol, phloroglucinol, aldobiuronic acid and much more. Plus, it contains fucoidans (1) Porphyridium extract - The extracellular polysaccharide produced by this red alga  has sulfate groups attached to the backbone are also non-reducing terminal D-xylopyranosyl and galactopyranosyl residues. It is known that this polysaccharide has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and the xylitol residues may be responsible in part for the anti-inflammatory properties (we use xylitol in our anti-inflammatory cream).  (2) Arthrospira extract - This extract provides extra nutrition: more proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and even some sulfolipids that seem to have antiviral properties. The anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties of this extracts make it an essential active for eczema, psoriasis and other skin affections.  (3) Brown algae extract enriched in fucoidan. Fucoidans are sulfated polysaccharides with a structure that depends on the plant source, and growing conditions. Applied to the skin fucoidan will increase the density of collagen bundles, decrease activity of proteases (enzymes that break down dermal proteins), increase scavenging of free radicals and increase cell proliferation. These effects would be mediated through increased expression of integrin a2ß1 and may also help with wound healing.





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