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Creams - Anti-Aging

   Best Used For : Reduction of wrinkles around the face and neck area. Recommended as a night cream.

Key Ingredients : Marine Collagen™, Decorinyl™ And Tripeptide-29

Size:2 oz. - Jar

Bellahut Price $29.95

Retail Price $59.95
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Bellahut's Collagen Filler Cream contains multiple peptides which stimulate cells to boost production of collagen and elastin. This medical grade super concentrated cream has a high concentration of active ingredients that help produce results quickly and effectively while still being completely gentle on your skin.  This cream also works great as an eye cream so you are really getting two creams in one and all at a price that is very reasonably priced.  

Designed as a night cream you'll find this a little bit heavier than our day cream.  If you have dry skin this cream can be used as a daytime cream as well but we would not recommend it as a daytime cream if you have oily skin.

This cream contains fish collagen, Decorinyl and Tripeptide-29 (collagen tripeptide ) and our Bellahut special blend of smooth creams.  Using nanotechnology, this product is designed to firm, plump and fill the skin around neck and face while helping to fill deep folds and hydrate your skin.  This remarkable solution significantly reduces appearance of wrinkles and restores youthfulness. 

This product is made from he highest quality ingredients and competes with the department store skin care products that cost hundreds more. Try it once and you will see for yourself. 

Key Ingredients

Decorinyl™( Tripeptide-10 ) is a synthesized tetrapeptide which mimics the sequences of decorin that bind to collagen fibrils. It has been shown to regulate fibrillogenesis and control fibril growth, improving firmness and elasticity of the skin, ensuring uniformity of fibril diameter and spacing of collagen fibrils. In effect, it replaces the non-functional decorin encountered as the skin ages, and also sustains a superior moisture profile.

Fibrillogenesis is an essential process in tissue formation, but must be controlled and regulated in order to avoid excessive bundle-like aggregation of collagen. The fibrillogenesis control is the role of decorin, a small leucine-rich proteoglycan, which is associated with collagen fibrils at specific binding sites in the protein core, controlling fibril dimensions, the uniformity of their diameter and their regular spacing.
Aging skin contains a truncated form of decorin, which lacks binding regions with collagen fibrils, producing a negative effect on the elasticity on the skin. Decorinyl™ is a mimic peptide of these binding sequences that has been proven to regulate fibrillogenesis, control collagen fibril diameter and increase skin suppleness.

Tripeptide-29 is pure (>99.7%) G-P-Hyp tripeptide produced synthetically, without the use of animal de­rived products or genetically modified organisms. With a molecular weight of 285 D it shows excellent bioavailability. In-vitro experiments have shown that this material will dramatically increase synthesis of Collagen. The benefits of Tripeptide-29 is (1)Increases collagen production (2)Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and plumps (3)Peptide Technology

Vitamin E Penetrates deep into skin to fight against free radicals and other contaminants that are both inside and outside your body. Reduces wrinkles caused by pollutions or UV exposure.

Application and Usage

Step 1: (Optional) Cleanse skin with Bellahut's Soothing Facial Cleanser.

Step 2: (Optional) Apply any of Bellahut's targeted hyaluronic acid serums to any areas that need additional attention. When applying, gently massage into the skin until product is evenly distributed and wait until it is absorbed before applying cream.

Step 3: Apply cream in the morning, evening or morning and evening to dry clean skin. Apply the cream by massaging a dab gently into the skin until absorbed. 

For external use only.

Distributed by Bellahut California
Made in U.S.A.

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