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30 ml -Procapil™ for Hair Loss Treatment
30 ml / tube $49.97
This is for a 30ml Procapil Ingredient comes with MSDS a full set of instructions and product information. This powerhouse anti-aging solution is good for all skin types, suggested use at 3% -8%, can create firming serum and cream products, mixed with gel or cream base use in the morning and at night, skin will be well improved and keep feeling younger and younger!  
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What is Procapil?

Procapil is a new, natural, revolutionary way of preventing hair loss and strengthening hair from the root, it combines three natural ingredients to increase hair anchoring. These are biotinyl-GHK with a flavonoid from citrus, and oleanic acid from olive trees. It increases your scalps production of cellular binding elements which blocks the effects of DHT. It increases blood stimulation within the scalp, allowing more nourishment to reach the dermal papilla cells, which will produce healthier growing hair.



Hair loss has troubled the confidence of many people, whether your hair is thinning, receding or balding. It is 95 percent hereditary and if it is evident in your family, chances are you are most likely to inherit it. Procapil provides a new, natural solution that fights the hair follicle ageing process, strengthening hair from the root and preventing hair loss. It targets the primary causes of alopecia, which is DHT.

DHT causes hair follicles to have longer resting periods and less growing periods because it absorbs crucial nutrients from reaching the dermal papilla cells. Dermal papilla cells divide and differentiate to form new hair follicles and if they are deprived of these important nutrients, they cannot grow strong healthy hair and eventually will diminish.





Incorporation: Procapil™ should be incorporated at the end of the emulsion, at cool down, below 40C (104F).
Suggested Usage: 3 - 8%
Appearance: Opalescent Gel
Solubility: Soluble in water
Long Term Storage: Recommended at 39.2°F (4°C)

INCI: Glycerin, Water, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3,7

Usages:This blend can creat anti-aging products, use level 3%-8%, add to cream or gel serum as is, no further processed needed. Do not apply directly into the skin.

 This complex can create multiple products as below:


Eye products: eye firming cream, wrinkle cream

Face products: face firming serum, facial firming toner/ spray

Body products: body firming lotion


Mix with gel base to creat the powerful anti-aging results. If you look to the rapidly results, 8% use level is a maximum


MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet )

1. Product Identification

Product Name: Matrixyl 3000

INCI Name: Glycerin, Water, Butylene Glycol,

Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl


Composition/Information on Components: Gel containing two peptides

Hazardous Ingredients: /Preservatives: None


2. Physical and Chemical Properties

Solubility in Water: Dispersible

pH: 4-6

Appearance & Odor: Opalescent gel, whitish

Density: 1.100 – 1.150


3. Stability and Reactivity

Chemical Stability: Stable


4. Handling and Storage

No particular precautions necessary. Long-term storage recommended

between 4 and 7°C.


5. Accidental Release Measures

Absorb on appropriate material. Wash with water and detergent. Flush

with water. Do not pour in pipes.


6. Exposure Controls & Personal Protection

Eye/ face Protection: Wear chemical goggles when there is a reasonable chance of eye contact.


7. Hazards Identification

Main Hazards: None


8. First Aid Measures

Eyes: Flush with water for 15 minutes, contact a physician if irritation persists

Inhalation: No data


Ingestion: Rinse one’s mouth. Give plenty of water.

9. Fire Fighting Measures

Extinguishing Media: Water, CO2


10. Toxicological Information

Patch test in humans (50%): well tolerated

RIPT (50%): non-sensitizing

HET CAM (50%): slight irritant

Systemic Tests

Neutral red test: slight cytotoxicity

AMES test: non-mutagenic


11. Disposal Considerations

Destruction/ Elimination: water dilution

Soiled packaging: wash with water- recyclable container

( Caution: there may be local regulation to be observed )


Important Notice:

This document is generated for the purpose of distributing health, safety, and

environmental data. It is not a specification sheet nor should any displayed data be

construed as a specification. The information on this MSDS was obtained from

sources which we believe are reliable. However, the information is provided without

any warranty, expressed or implied, regarding its correctness. Some information

presented and conclusions drawn herein are from sources other than direct test data on

the substance itself. The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use and disposal

of the product are beyond our control and may be beyond our knowledge. For this and

other reasons, we do not assume responsibility and expressly disclaim liability for loss,

damage, or expense arising out of or in any way connected with handling, storage, use

or disposal of this product. If the product is used as a component in another product,

this MSDS information may not be applicable.


Product Safety Tested
Distributed by BellaHut California
Made in USA




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