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Bellahut's Collagen Serum with NASHA GRADE Hyaluronic Acid
1.3 oz. Bottle, Sold Each. $24.00
If you have never used our collagen serum with NASHA grade hyaluronic acid you are in for a treat. It's so gentle on your skin, application is silky smooth and the effects are truly amazing. Don't take our word for it, check our feedback as it is our best advertisement.  
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Bellahut Collagen Serum
( You will receive a refill 39 ml / 1.3 fl. oz. For day / night use )




    Bellahut's Collagen Serum with NASHA GRADE Hyaluronic Acid


The  BellaHut Collagen Serum is a highly concentrated anti-aging product, our customers have been asking for a pure product to enhance the collagen replenishing results and this is our answer. Collagen Serum  contains a substantial amount of pure collagen and hyaluronic acid, absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish, is suggested to be used along with our Collagen Rebuild Serum that makes a wonderful regimen for the daytime and nighttime routines.  Collagen effectively helps to eliminate wrinkles and lines, hyaluronic acid can tighten and plump the skin, also provides a moisturizing effect all day long.


Suggest use


(1) apply on the cleansed and toned skin then follow with the day/ night cream.

What creams to follow the collagen serum? (1) Dual Lifting face/ neck Cream (2) Hyaluronic acid Cream (3) Lightening Cream, it depends on what you need.

What serums work well with collagen serum ( apply under )? (1)20% Lascorbic-acid serum (2) Collagen Rebuild Serum, it depends on what you need.






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