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   Best Used For : Antioxidant and protection from everyday pollutants

Key Ingredients : Retinol A (Vitamin A)

Size:30 Capsules

Bellahut Price $24.95

Retail Price $39.95
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Every day our skin is exposed to the elements and the excessive pollutants in our environment cause our skin to become dull and diminished. Protect your skin with these easy to use and convenient to carry Retinol capsules. Use anywhere and anytime by simply twisting the top off and apply. Retinol improves the appearance of dull skin, provides moisture, improves the appearance of wrinkles and can brighten and lighten your skin too.

Key Ingredients:

Retinol also known as Vitamin A is a very effective ingredient in so many of today's anti-aging products. In the past this was only available with a prescription and even today is a very popular item prescribed by dermatologist in a much higher strength for more extreme cases.  Retinol is now available in a consumer strength and is one of the key elements in creating a skin care product that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, help rebuild collagen and make skin more radiant and even skin tones. Retinol is safe, effective and now at Bellahut, affordable!



Grasp the capsule with both hands between two fingers, twist the top portion of the capsule off to open. Apply the serum in the capsule to the desired area and gently massage into the skin.

Distributed By Bellahut Skin Care

Santa Clarita California


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